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Federal bank India careers. Federal Bank is one of the top private banks in India with a strong presence in the country. They offer a variety of financial services to customers, including personal and corporate banking, NRI banking, and treasury operations. Plus, they’re big on employee development and often have sweet career opportunities for folks looking to break into the banking industry.

This article breaks down the specific career paths available at Federal Bank, as well as the qualifications and attributes required to be successful in those roles.

Personal Banking Careers

Personal banking is one of the main areas where Federal Bank hires, with jobs such as customer relationship officer, branch manager, and relationship manager up for grabs.

Probationary Officer (PO)

If you’re a recent grad yearning for a future in banking, becoming a probationary officer (PO) is a popular path at Federal Bank. The PO program is designed to hone and grow young talent into future bank leaders. During the intensive one-year training period, candidates are schooled in the ins and outs of banking, including customer service, credit, and operations. You’ll be appointed as an assistant manager after successfully completing the training.

PO Program Eligibility

To get into the PO program, you gotta have at least 60% marks in your graduation from a good college. Also, you gotta be good at English and be able to talk to people real well. Federal bank India careers.

Customer Relationship Officer

A Customer Relationship Officer helps customers with whatever they need from the bank. That could be making a new account, doing transactions, or telling them about bank stuff. To be good at this job, you gotta be a great talker, super careful, and able to handle stress.

Branch Manager

The Branch Manager is like the boss of a Federal Bank branch. That means you gotta make sure everything is going alright, your team is doing good, and that the bank is following all the rules. To be the boss, you need 8-10 years of money-place experience, a record of making good business choices, and be really good at leading.

Relationship Manager

A relationship manager takes care of a group of well-off customers and makes sure their banking necessities are fulfilled. They may have to provide tailored financial solutions, promote other products and services, and maintain good terms with the clients. To excel in the job, they need to be good at analyzing data, building and maintaining connections, and understand financial products and services completely.

Corporate Banking Careers

Federal Bank has a significant part of its business in corporate banking, where you can find a plethora of career opportunities such as credit analyst, corporate relation pro, and trade finance agent.

Credit Analyst

A credit analyst is in charge of analyzing the possibility of corporate customers being able to pay back the loan amount on credit. They study the financial statements, assess possible risks, and examine the client’s background. If you want to qualify for this opportunity, you need a minimum of 3-5 years of experience in credit analysis, exceptional analytical skills, and great understanding of financial products and services.

Corporate Relationship Manager

A corporate relationship manager has to look after the bank’s corporate clients and make sure their banking needs are taken care of. They gotta be great at talking to people, building long-lasting relationships, and they gotta know their stuff when it comes to finance. They might also have to sell some extra products and services for the bank.

Trade Finance Officer

A trade finance officer is someone who keeps an eye on the bank’s trade finance portfolio and makes sure all the transactions happen smoothly. They gotta look at credit risk, keep documentation in check, and work with a lot of different people both inside and outside the bank. You need at least 3-5 years of experience in trade finance and mad analytical skills to hop on this ride. You also gotta know what’s up with international trade.

NRI Banking Careers

Federal Bank is all about that NRI (non-resident Indian) banking life and has plenty of jobs for folks looking for a career in this area. You can be an NRI relationship manager, an NRI branch manager, or an NRI operations officer if that’s your vibe.


In conclusion, Federal Bank offers a wide range of career opportunities for candidates with different backgrounds and skill sets. Whether you are a fresher or an experienced professional, there is a position for you at Federal Bank. With its customer-centric approach and innovative products, Federal Bank is an excellent place to build a successful career in the banking industry.

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